Wall O' Water Incorporated manufactures and distributes The Original Wall O' Water Season Extender.  We are based in Dillon, Montana USA.


The Wall O’ Water Season Extender is a long-lasting, durable product, designed to protect plants and extend the growing  season.  using the physical properties of water, it protects the plant from cold as low as 12° F, from winds as strong as 40 mph, and from animal activity.  In addition, the Wall O’ Water Season Extender reduces water use by sheltering the base of the plant from sun and wind, reducing transpiration. 

     The Wall O Water Season Extender uses a  series of 18 tubes that are filled with water to form a rigid wall of water surrounding the plant.  During the day, that water is warmed by the sun and this heat is retained to insulate the plant from cold conditions.  This system retains nearly 900,000 calories of heat to protect delicate plant roots and warm the soil surrounding your plant. In addition, the Wall O’ Water Season Extender’s structure provides a wind break for the plant and will deter animals from destroying your crops.  When filled with water, the product weighs more than 20 pounds giving it plenty of mass to withstand wind and animal activity. 


Wall O Water Instant Repair Kits

The Wall O’ Water Season Instant Repair Kit is an easy to use solution to keeping your Wall O' Water Season Extender in use.  The repair sleeves are inserted into the damaged tube of the Wall O' Water Season Extender then filled with water just like the original tube.  Just that simple and you are back in business!!


Wall O Water Commercial Grower Options

Wall O' Water Inc understands the importance of having your fresh fruits vegetables being the first to mature in your area.  Our product has been proven over and over to be an integral tool and beating your competitors to market.  That's why we work hard to offer a pricing program just for the commercial grower.  This program gives you the opportunity to use our product in quantities beginning at fifty (50) walls.  We will work with you on pricing, delivery, and color options to suit your needs. 


Wall O Water Plastic Mulches

One of the newest trends in planting has been the emergence of Colored Plastic Mulches.  Many long term growth studies with a large variety of plants have shown that using colored plastic mulches can impact your harvest by as much as 25%!  Beginning in the 2016 growing season we will be offering colored mulch for the home gardener in red, white and blue.  Each package contains one sheet of mulch measuring 32" wide and 20' long. 



Wall O Water Product Support and Warranties

Wall O’ Water Incorporated is proud to produce a high-quality product.  The Wall O’ Water Season Extender is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of six months from the date of the original      purchase against any manufacturing      defects, including seam and seal failures.  If your Wall O’ Water develops such a   failure within this period, you may return the product to Wall O’ Water Incorporated, along with a copy of your product receipt and a brief note sharing your concerns.  Your Wall O’ Water will be replaced or your full purchase price refunded.  Wall O’ Water Incorporated shall not warranty    defects or damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the Wall O’ Water, such as punctures, cuts, or tears.  We welcome your comments and concerns and are   always happy to hear from you with any questions about your Wall O’ Water.