What does the Wall O’ Water do?
The Wall O’ Water Season Extender is a long-lasting, durable product, designed to protect plants and extend the growing season. Using the physical properties of water, it protects the plant from cold as low as 12° F, from winds as strong as 40 mph, and from animal activity. In addition, the Wall O’ Water Season Extender reduces water use by sheltering the base of the plant from sun and wind, reducing transpiration.

How it Works
A series of 18 tubes are filled with water to form a rigid wall of water surrounding the plant. During the day, that water is warmed by the sun and this heat is retained to insulate the plant from cold conditions. This system retains nearly 900,000 calories of heat to protect delicate plant roots and warm the soil surrounding your plant.

In addition, the Wall O’ Water Season Extender’s structure provides a wind break for the plant and will deter animals from destroying your crops. When filled with water, the product weighs more than 20 pounds giving it plenty of mass to withstand wind and animal activity.